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Connect Using your child's "Love Language"


Good morning everyone and welcome to our next addition of 10 at 10.

My name is Leeza Browne and I am the Early childhood teacher and owner here at Platinum Education.

We believe it really does take a village to raise a child and It’s part of our role to work alongside our families for the best outcomes for their children.

Last week we talked about introducing rituals around mealtimes as a time for connection. How did you go with that excercise?


In today’s video we are going to be continuing on with last weeks theme of connections and introducing the concept of Love Languages.


Love languages is a passion project, and I talk about it often and I am so grateful to an amazing friend who introduced me to this theory about 5 years ago now, based on a book by Gary Chapman.


Not only is this topic relevant to children, it is also relevant in life.


And I am obsessed with any stretegy and system to get to know more about people and how we work.



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