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Understanding the Children's Services National Law and Regulations in practice

This workshop will help you understand the national law and regulations. As we take you through these documents with step by step explanation to assist you in navigating these documents. This workshop has been designed by an experienced early childhood professional who has helped over 200 people successfully pass the EC provider process with ease.

What's included:

  • 9 hours + workshop covering quality areas 1-7
  • How to set up your documents for easy navigation
  • Relevant forms to help you set up your service
  • 2 consult calls to support you on your journey

Make a commitment today to getting it right the first time and be set up to successfully run your early childhood business.

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Craft a Unique & Collaborative Philosophy

You and your team are invited to work through this easy to follow, step by step guide on how to create and review a Service Philosophy which is truely unique to your communities vision, values and priorities. Access all the templates, printables and guides needed to give your centre the best opportunity at crafting an exceeding philosophy.

What you'll get:

  • A step by step guide on how to create a collaborative and unique philosophy
  • Collection of printables that are ready to use straight away, or you can use as inspiration to create your own
  • Examples of every step of the process
  • Examples of other centre's philosophies
  • Quotes and resources for inspiration

$49.00 AUD

Team Induction & Onboarding

We'll set you up with an online & entirely digital induction process which equips new educators and staff with an understanding of your centres culture, requirements, key policies & procedures & philosophy before they begin. We'll ensure it's easy for all the relevant administrations to be completed in a way that's easy to follow, and easy for centre leaders to follow and account for.


  1. Interview templates
  2. Relevant forms
  3. Introduction to philosophy
  4. Access and comprehension of key policies
  5. Qualification management

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Centre Website

We have an extremely lucky coinsidence in our team... someone who has directed a centre for years, who can also build websites! Don't outsource your website development to just anyone, have someone who understands the unique world of childcare, and enjoys building unique, useful and attractive websites. Have a website which will not only drive traffic and enquiries to your centre, but can be used as a part of your operations with policy hosting, team onboarding, families journeys among other features.

Every website is created with your vision and philosophy in mind, and you'll be working directly with Jake, the person who's building it for you, meaning you get personal support, fast results and a website you can be proud of.

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Unique Induction Video

We'll spend a day discussing, filming and creating a unique video for new educators to watch prior to starting. The video will include an outline of key procedures, an introduction to philosophy and a walkthrough of key centre features (all the things you are required to cover on induction, saving you time on their first day). We'll also include a comprehension quiz to see which information new educators gathered (and retained) from the video.

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Family Handbook

We're able to create a custom & unique family handbook that your families won't only find useful, but will actually want to read! We'll ensure this vital step in your families journey is informative, shares all the vital centre information and offers clarity on the services your provide in a way that's accessible, attractive and uniquely you. Be involved as much or as little as you like, you can send us what you already have and make it more attractive and accessible, or we can scour the information you already have available online and take care of the whole process for you.
Make your handbook evidence of your exceeding themes!

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