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"I love inspiring people and if i can make a difference to one person's life, then thats success for me!"

- Leeza Browne - Founder 

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Child Care Directors Academy

Waiting list registration is now open for our signature Child Care Directors Academy.

The Directors Academy is your one-stop hub for mastering the art of Child Care Directorship. It's a unique blend of six monthly workshops and a dynamic group coaching program designed to elevate your skills, boost confidence, and set you up for unparalleled success!

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Our methods

Four paths to explore for your child care service support journey:

1. Business Start up.
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2. A&R & Compliance.
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3. Ongoing Support.
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4. One off Services.
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How can we support you in your child care business journey? 

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How can we help?

Start up Services

We support child care business owners to start up their new child care services including training, applications, centre build consultations and fit out processes.

Check out our services here.

Approved Provider Workshop

If you need support with the Approved Provider process, we a 95% success rate we not only support you to pass the assessment but to also successfully run your business.

Check out our services here.


Want to know how your service is currently performing in relation to 1 or all of the 7 Quality Areas and gain clarity over how you can enhance your practice, systems and processes

Check out our services here.

QIP Support

Stuck with your QIP or Self Assessment, don't know how how include the exceeding themes or just want a better system that works for you and your team long term? We would love to get you and your team on the right track. 

Check out our services here.

Business Management

Are you wanting to ensure that your service is high performing?  however, you just don't have the time to dedicate to your business. Platinum Education prides itself on our short and long term solutions for our clients.

Check out our services here.

Admin Support

Finding yourself being bogged down in admin? We can join your team and do your admin for you. Reducing your admin to under 5 hours per week, so you can have your time back to focus on what matters most.

Check out our services here.

Compliance Support Visits

Want peace of mind that your service is compliant and ready for any type of visit? This is where we build relationships with our clients to have regular visits to ensure you are compliant at all times.

Check out our services here.

Coaching & Advisory

Want to maximise your performance in 2023? Our business coaching and advisory takes a business leader from where they are to where they want to be. We can help raise your potential and achieve more in your career/business. 

Check out our services here.

Training & Professional Speaking

Would you team benefit from inspired, motivational professional development? We're able to tailor team training sessions for your team's unique needs, and deliver it in a meaningful, authentic, and (most importantly) fun way! 

Check out our services here.

DIY Kits & Products

Shop from our tailor made kits, products, systems and services. Created by early childhood professionals to make life easier.

Check out our kits here.

What some of our current clients say about us!

Evolve Early Learning

Leeza and Jake were amazing! They really supported me and my whole team, leaving us feeling confident, motivated and inspired. Everyone can't talking about it. Thank you!

Oakhurst Preschool

Thorough, informative and very supportive throughout the entire process. We achieved exactly what we were hoping for to gain support on our journey to exceeding!

Eden Academy

Leeza from the first moment we met I knew you were the right fit. You ooze enthusiasm and knowledge that left me feeling we were in safe hands. Positive but realistic all in one package.

Aurora ELC

Leeza is extremely knowledgable, professional and passionate. Leeza know's the sector inside and out and provides honest and practice advice! We can not recommend Platinum Ed more highly.

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