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Do all good things come to an end?

childcare centre loss peers staff Jul 07, 2021

Do all good things come to an end?

The simple answer is - alas - yes.

The good news is that bad things will end too, which is well worth remembering when going through difficult patches.

We've all be there. At some point in our lives, something good has ended; A relationship, a job, an experience, a TV series - Letting go is never easy and it is tempting to try to cling on to what was.

Recently, I've had one of my team unexpectedly resign, this team member had been with me from the beginning of my business and definitely has a special place in my heart, as all my team do, i consider them to be family.

I had a dream that i would build a team and we would all grow old together, sharing different memories and moments from each other lives as we did. So when i received the news, i felt so much disappointment and sadness. Not because of their decision, but because the relationship was going to be "different" and i didn't quite know what that meant.

It took me a little while to digest the news, but once i had taken the time i realised that the next adventure can't begin until this one comes to an end and perhaps even though we are sad about it, we can see that the ending was necessary and appropriate. I needed to remind myself that the end of something can create space for new things. And we can focus on appreciating that we had the good things in the first place, instead of the disappointment of it ending.

I am now excited to see where this new beginning takes us both and cant wait to hear about the amazing new dreams and what adventures await!

Here are my top tips for dealing when something comes to an end...

  1. Take time to acknowledge your feelings - often the sadness can open the way towards a more positive perspective.
  2. Reflect on the situation - for a minute only! its not your fault!
  3. Remember the good times - "Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened'
  4. Be happy for the other person
  5. Focus on what will be next
  6. Celebrate the time you had together

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