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8 tips to help you on the day of Assessment & Rating

a&r assessment & rating qip Aug 03, 2021
8 tips to help on the day of assessment and rating

1. Be prepared – Start now!

2. Double Check Everything – including that full names of educators, children and families are recorded where appropriate on all forms.

3. Ensure all your administration documentation is up to date.

4. Audit your educators’ practice of routine tasks throughout the day i.e; nappy changes

5. Continually reflect on all practices and ensure this is documented

6. Have clear schedules with when and how you meet with your educators to provide support with the educational program as well as performance appraisals.

7. Have a set agenda for your team meetings to ensure you are continually reflecting on each of the national quality standards

8. Educator well being was another key topic that was raised. Consider how your service promotes and encouraged this.

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