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Child Care Service Audit Visits 

We call it the black dot theory, sometimes when you see the same black dot each day, you stop seeing it at all. This is why it's so crucial to get a different perspective of highly trained professionals to come and support your service to provide you guidance, peace of mind and real advice with how to achieve the next level. 

How can we help?

If you're a Child Care owner or Director, you know how important it is to maintain high standards in your service. That's where our audit service comes in. Our expert team will visit your service and conduct a comprehensive assessment of your practices, policies, and procedures to identify areas for improvement and provide you with a clear action plan.

The aim of the visit is to provide you with a starting point to have an overall perspective of how your service is performing and required areas for improvement. Our assessment includes a verbal consultation or written report with an action plan and suggested recommendations, acting as a comprehensive guide to update or develop your Quality Improvement Plan to ensure the quality of your service for children, families, and educators.

During the session, we will visit your service and observe your educators in practice. We will sight all documentation to ensure you are compliant with the requirements of the law and regulations. We will assess your team's knowledge and understanding of the services policies and procedures through informal and formal conversations, and allow your team to ask questions and seek clarity over their practice.

We will provide you with a clear action items list and supply resources, checklists, and documents for any identified gaps. The visit will give you and your team a list of some immediate improvements you can make and also how you can maximise your practice and environment in preparation of any upcoming visits.

Once we've gathered sufficient information, we will have a verbal run down with you and your educational leader and leave a copy of our written notes from the day for your reference. Following the visit, we will also provide you with any forms, checklists, and documents that are missing from your service and any other recommendations to improve practice.

Plus, following the visit, we will call to check in to see how you are travelling and recommend any further support you may need.


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Don't just take our word for it, here are some testimonials from our happy clients:

"Leeza is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and passionate. What an incredible woman who is so giving and approachable. Leeza knows the sector inside out and provides honest and practical advice, areas, and recommendations. Leeza genuinely cares about every person she comes in contact with. We cannot recommend Leeza's services more highly." – Dalal – Frenches Forrest

"Leeza has this sense of warmth around her and a feeling of non-judgment when she talks to us. Leeza listened well to what we had to say, understood our vision, and worked with us to help us achieve this goal. We will definitely use Leeza again :)" – Sue – North Parramatta

"Leeza and Jake were amazing! They really supported me and my whole team, leaving us feeling confident, motivated, and inspired. They visited the service days ago, and everyone can't stop talking about them." – Ashleigh – Evolve

Invest in the success of your child care service with Platinum Education's audit service. Contact us today to book your visit and take the first step towards mapping out your pathway to exceeding! 

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