Understanding the Children's Services  Law & Regulations

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Are you 100% ready for your Approved Provider Exam?

Are you across all the information?

Is it worth the risk to simply assume?

Get the right support for your child care business from the start.

Platinum Education guides you through the Provider Approval process step-by-step

  • Save time, money and stress with our proven strategies
  • Use our years of experience to shape your success
  • Feel guided and supported through the Provider Approval process
  • Get your Child Care business up and running sooner rather than later
  • Make time work for you with this self-paced online program
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We help new and existing child care business owners to get trading sooner by delivering our unique and comprehensive online modules.

Fact or Fiction?

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You need a mark of 80% or above to pass the Provider Approval process - FACT

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90% of attempts for the Provider Approval result in failure - FACT

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You need to be qualified in early years education to own your own child care business - FICTION

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Your previous child care qualifications will make it easier to pass the Provider Approval process - FICTION

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Getting it right the first time will save you stress, time and money - FACT

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95% of Platinum Education clients succeed on the first try - FACT

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If you’re just at the beginning of your journey into owning an early childhood education business, you might be feeling a little bit daunted right about now. The fact is, while it makes brilliant business sense to start a business in an industry heaving under the demand for its services, the entry process can be tough. As many as 90% of applicants who go through the Provider Approval process fail when attempting it by themselves.

The good news, though: here at Platinum Education, we’ve developed a comprehensive guided program to set you up for success, get you through on your first attempt, and get you trading sooner rather than later. You can join company founder, Leeza Browne and her team of experts as they support you all the way to the successful completion of your Provider Approval application…


We will help you:

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Understand your responsibilities as a child care business owner
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Understand what to expect from the Provider Approval Assessment Process
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Prepare for your Scenario-Based Assessment

Sounds great, I'm ready to get started


Understanding the Children's Services Law & Regulations

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Delivered online and available on demand to complete at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, our comprehensive program is for you if: 

  • You’re an investor or professional educator looking to start your own service
  • You're an existing provider purchasing a new service
  • You’re passionate about providing an amazing education experience for families in your area
  • You want to help ease the demand for child care in your area and support working families
  • You’re ready to pass the Provider Approval application process on your first attempt
  • You’ve applied before, but missed out because you didn’t have the right professional guidance
  • You’re willing to put in the work required to succeed

 While we may not be the only support provider for new child care business owners, we sure are the best. We don’t simply hand you the information and let you get on with it. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.



Here's what you will get: 

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Instant access to the complete 'Understanding the Children's Services National Law & Regulation program'
(value = $1997)
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9 hours of content helping you to easily navigate the Law & Regulations documents
(value = $1997)

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Private invitation to the Child Care Owners Australia FB Community
(value = $300)

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Bonus #1: 2 x 45 minute consult calls with our director, Leeza Browne to support you on your journey through the course
(value = $425)
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Bonus #2: Mock Exam questions that we mark and provide feedback on
(value = $350)
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Bonus #3: Relevant regulatory forms to help you set up your service
(value = $675)

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of $5744

but you can enrol today for a special investment of $1980.



One Payment

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Why get support?

You’ve invested 100’s of thousands, if not millions of dollars in getting your child care centre bought and just the way you like it (or you’re about to!). But until you have your Provider Approval? Well, you just have an expensive building with no one allowed in it! Do you really want to waste time and money attempting (and possibly failing!) the Provider Approval application process by going it alone? Here at Platinum Education, we have a 95% success rate for getting our clients safely through the process.

Maybe your passion is for moulding the minds of our tiniest citizens, or you’ve simply got a savvy head for business and have seen a great opportunity to get involved... No matter what your reasons for opening your own child care facility, you’ll still need to pass the approvals process. Protect your new investment and set yourself up for success!

I'm Ready to get started!
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Why Platinum Education?

With more than a decade in early childhood education, and 5 years supporting new business owners just like you, we know every high and low coming your way. Our comprehensive support is based on a deep understanding of the challenge ahead of you. We want to see you succeed, and know just how to make that happen…

We are:

  • KNOWLEDGEABLE: Having taken more than 200 new business owners through the Provider Approval process, we know the ropes!
  • EXPERIENCED: As early childhood educators and business owners ourselves, we understand the mechanics of owning a child care business – both in the classroom and in the back office
  • HANDS-ON: We believe in a proactive approach to working with our clients. Don’t be surprised if you get a call or two from us checking in on your progress and sharing your success
  • PART OF THE PROCESS: We sit on multiple government early education advisory panels and sub-committee
I'm Ready to Get Started!
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You deserve everything you put your mind to and I'm going to help you get there.

Leeza Browne,
Platinum Education Founder

Ready to snag over $2,000 in bonuses?


Let's Refresh... 

You’ll get:

  • Self-paced online modules covering quality areas 1-7
  • 2 x 45min consult calls with our director, Leeza Browne to support you over your application journey
  • Mock exam questions that we mark and provide feedback on
  • Document set-up strategies for easy navigation
  • Relevant regulatory forms to help you set up your service

 Along with the peace of mind of knowing you’re on the right track for successful completion of the process so you can get your new child care business open sooner!


Choose your experience...


$1980 AUD

One Payment

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