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Our team is our most valuable asset!

We know our team is a massive part of what makes us special! Our educators are one big extended family and we are lucky to have long serving and passionate people in our team, who actively strive for the best for the children and each other. 

Miss Leeza

Miss Leeza is the visionary founder of Platinum Education. 

We are blessed to have her knowledge and guidance every day as she continues to motivate, inspire and support us to achieve amazing outcomes for children and our families!

Miss Leeza has over a decade of industry experience in various management positions and holds a Bachelor of Education degree specialising in early childhood. As part of the degree she is also primary trained, but her passion lies in early childhood. 

Miss Leeza's top 3 signature strengths are honesty, Creativity and Love of Learning. She is friendly, positive and passionate and cant wait to meet you!

Miss Lauren

Miss Lauren is our wonderful Assistant Director (or mini boss as she is mostly referred) and Preschool Lead Educator at Platinum Education.

Families line up at the gate to hear some words of wisdom and her amazing ideas. Her strategies to maximise the children's learning are so inspiring!

Miss Lauren has her Diploma in Children's Services along with over a decade of experience and is an integral part of our management team. With her love and dedication for both the children and the families we are so blessed to have has as part of our Platinum Ed family!

Miss Lauren's signature strengths are Honesty, Love and Humour.

Miss Ashlee

Miss Ashlee is our vavacious baby whisperer at Platinum Education. 

Our babies cant get enough of her, fighting for a leg to sit on, Miss Ashlee needs to grow some extra limbs just to cater for the love and affection she gives them everyday!

Miss Ashlee has the most amazing solution focused mindset and really helps us to look at challenges from different perspectives to come up with creative solutions. Miss Ashlee has her certificate 3 and is studying her Diploma. She is such a valued member of our team!

Miss Ashlee's top 3 signature strengths are Spirituality, Leadership and Appreciation of beauty & excellence.

Miss Natalie

Miss Natalie is studying her Certificate 3 in Early Childhood.

Miss Natalie is our little pocket rocket! A ball full of energy, she spends countless hours running around and dancing with the children. 

We are so blessed to have Natalie and her cultural heritage apart of our service each day and her kindhearted nature means she has endless amounts of patience and perseverance. 

Miss Natalie's top 3 signature strengths are Kindness, Fairness and Humility.