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Proud to be Unique!

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We love sharing our unique approach to early education, but don't take our word for it, contact us to arrange a guided tour of our service and see for yourself how we truly foster the magic of childhood and provide a learning environment that is warm and friendly and stands out from the crowd!

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Proud to be Unique!

Since the inception of our service we have come a long way and our approach has been fine tuned over the years, and we have no doubt that it will continue to do so.

We are lucky enough to draw on inspiration from many educational theorists past and present to take bits and pieces, added our own flair of what we feel are important in getting the best outcomes for children in early childhood to create the "Platinum Education Approach".

Alongside our creativity curriculum, one of the biggest parts of our approach is our environment, based on the Reggio Emilia approach, we see our environment as a third teacher. Our teams lovingly set up the children's learning spaces with attention to detail and passion. Every nook and cranny has a purpose, and every interaction with the environment is a learning experience for the child.

Each of our play spaces are inviting and inspires children to delve deeper and provokes focus and engagement in child-initiated, independent play.

Enhancements to the environment and teacher-supported activities are used to add depth to the children's self-directed learning.

We use natural, real, authentic materials within our environments, you wont see many typical colourful plastic 'toys', rather we value the role of natural and reclaimed materials to promote exploration, discovery, creativity, imagination, resourcefulness and curiosity,

What better way to learn about the world our children live in then by exploring directly with it.

Natural resources such as branches, pine cones, leaves, flowers, shells, and other loose part malleable materials that can become anything a child imagines are used throughout both our indoor and outdoor environment every day.

Our environment provides the joy and wonder of childhood, it unlocks the creative potential in children that is only limited by their own creativity and imaginations.

We cant wait for you to explore!


Our Exclusive Creative Curriculum

Our exclusively designed Creative Curriculum aims to support each child to discover; who they are, what they love and who they want to become..